Chalo-Loku Festival


Tirap is an enchanting land of Arunachal Pradesh blessed with many unexplored treasures. Historically the district is shrouded in myth and legend. It emanates an aura of vibrating cultural life of the tribal people and throbs with the lovely rhythm of their music, dances, customs and traditions. Chalo Loku is by far the most colourful and popular festival. Like most of the tribal festivals, Chalo Loku is also an agricultural festival. It is needless to mention that like all festivals Chalo Loku also fosters love, unity and brotherhood. It is an occasion to share happiness and joys with fellow-villagers, friends and relatives. During the Chalo Loku the Noctes invoke the blessings of the Almighty Rang and their Ancestors for good crops, health, happiness and wellbeing of all human beings and animals. The festival also gives the much-needed break to the ever-busy Noctes from the daily toil and moil.

Where to see Chalo-Loku

Chalo Loku is celebrated in entire eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh but the being the heart of Nocte population, Khonsa is the best place to observe the warmth of real Reds of Nocte attires.

How to Reach Khonsa

Khonsa is the district head quarter of Tirap District and it connected by Dibrugarh railway station and Dibrugarh Airport via Kanubari – Longding. It is also connected from Digboi and Tinsukia via Duliajaan and Jaipur route of Assam.

Where to stay in Khonsa

Khonsa does not have much tourist’s friendly accommodations apart from some basic hotels, Government Circuit House and IB. In recent time some home stays have come up and thats the best way to enjoy the real festivity and hospitality of Nocte tribe. Kindly contact a good tour operator.

Best Season to Visit

Chalo Loku is celebrated on 25th November officially but many villages have their own Loku in villages around this time. Winter is the best time to visit Khonsa.


Khonsa, Arunachal Pradesh, India