If you have long been planning a trip to the Northeast but undecided about where to go, Mechukha may be the kind of destination you are looking for. From serene landscapes breathtaking impressive and warm-hearted locals, there is no way you’ll not fall in love with this place.

The city of “Medicinal water of snow – Menchukha” commonly called Mechukha or Mechuka is a small town and one of the administrative circle of newly created Shi-Yomi district. Just 29 km away from Indo-Tibet border in Arunachal Pradesh  and situated around 6000 feet of height is a place to take a fresh breath. Culturally rich tribes of Memba, Ramo, Bokar and Libo are major inhabitants of this scenic valley of River Siyom.  

Though in the past, Mechukha was the most less traveled destination but now its getting popularity among tourists specially the adventurists and backpackers. An annual adventure festival is also has been initiated by the government here. Red berries spread over on the green grass like a red freckles are the summer ornament of this valley. One can enjoy a Butter Tea after crossing a dangling foot suspension hanging bridge in a local home stay built with a local architecture. A series of trails and picnicking areas are in abundance apart from a 400 years old Buddhist Monastery. 

The place is without doubt a photographer’s paradise mostly because of the great seasonal variety in landscapes. In Mechukha you will encounter breath-taking vistas, unspoiled countryside, and endless amount of waterfalls, impressive landscapes and dramatic weather.

Autumn is a great time to visit Mechukha because this time of year Mechukha nature transforms and becomes amazingly beautiful with vibrant and colourful landscape and sceneries all around. Known as the ‘Switzerland of India’, Mechukha lies in the northern corner of the northeast part of India. This beautiful land shares a common international border with China in the north.

[Photo Credit : Sanjay Mosing]

About Place

Autumn is the Season

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape of Menchukha Sub-Division, the town of Menchukha is an enchanting destination that captivates the senses with its stunning surroundings. Picture-perfect hill ranges adorned with lush greenery encircle the town, creating a serene and idyllic atmosphere. The melody of flowing rivers adds a soothing soundtrack to the picturesque scenery, meandering gracefully through the verdant valleys and enhancing the natural beauty of Menchukha.

What truly elevates Menchukha's charm is the majestic backdrop of snow-capped mountains that stand tall, creating a dramatic contrast against the azure sky. These towering peaks, adorned in pristine white, cast a spellbinding spell on the town, making Menchukha a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

What to see in Menchukha

Hanuman Camp

You get a glimpse of an ape face engraved in a rock. The place is popularly known as Hanuman Camp.


Gurudwara is 17 KM from Mechukha town and one of the important religious and tourist places. It is believed that Lord Guru Nanak meditated in this place while on the way to Tibet.

Samten Yongcha Gompa or Old Gompa

Nestled against the backdrop of grey-hued hillocks, the 4th century Samten Yongcha Gompa is one of the attractions of the place.

Pasang Sonam Tso Lake

This place is a must see for the tourists. About 40 kilometers from Mechukha, Pasang Sonam Lake is one of the the largest fresh water lakes in the area.

Tongkorla Pine Grooves

The place is home to thousands of Pine trees. It looks like the trees are planted whereas the trees are grown naturally in the hills.

Dorjeeling Village

The sightseeing of Dorjeeing village is another attraction of the place. Here one can see how the villagers practice agriculture for survival besides a 20 feat height Buddha statue.

Samten Choeling Monastery or New Gompa

Apart from the old Gompa there is a Samten Choeling Monastery in the periphery of Mechukha town.

How to Reach Menchukha

By air- Nearest airport is Dibrugarh. Hire a car or take a shared taxi from Dibrugarh to Aalo (432km). This is an all-day journey and will involve crossing of the Brahmaputra River on Bogibeel Bridge. By rail-Nearest rail head is in Murkongselek railway station, Assam or Naharlagun railway station. Hire a car or take a shared taxi from Murkongselek or Itanagar to Mechukha By road- The roads here are not in very good in Arunachal Pradesh but motorable condition. So it is better to hire good condition SUV cars or shared taxi.

Where to stay in Menchukha

After listed as a most popular tourist hot spot, Menchukha is now having many good quality hotels and resorts. Many home stays are also finctional here.

Try Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge (9402996667), which also organize excursions.

Almost Heritage (9436672849) is also worth checking out.

Tariffs range from Rs 800-2,000 for doubles. Walk-in reservations can also be negotiated at Ani Sona’s Guest house or DK Chukla’s homestay.

Everyone knows everyone else here, so asking around easily leads to spontaneous accommodation solutions.

Best Season to Visit

November to April.


Menchukha, Arunachal Pradesh, India