Nyethrii-Dow Festival


The Aka people lives in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh and known for their beautiful and colorful customs. They celebrate an annual festival called Nyethrii-Dow.

Busulu Aao- Nyegrzi Aanyi, the first couple of human being on earth who were endowed with powers to have constant corporal interaction and dialogue with the Gods, Goddesses, deities, spirits and all other living and non living beings. Busulu Aao and Nyegrzi Aanyi were bound to suffer from all types of misfortunes, failures, sufferings in the midst of hostile surroundings. They had many unsuccessful trials to overcome those hurdles and in the process, they established practices to appease the Gods, Goddesses, deities as well as to fulfill the spiritual needs of human race as well.

Nyethrii means country/village/inhabited places and dow means cleansing. Nyetshhidow or cleansing country/village/inhabited places is celebrated to appease the Gods of Akas. Every year after harvest, they clean the villages and places of drinking water sources, summon meeting to celebrate the festival during which they drive out evils spirits, make merry and worship their Gods and other subordinate Gods jointly for good fortune, peace, prosperity, healthy, wealthy, good harvest and to protect their children, cattle and crops from evil spirits.

Where to see Nyethrii-Dow

Nyethrii-Dow is usually celebrated in the East Kameng district where the most of the Aka tribe resides. Bhalukpong is the border town where one can witness this festival.

How to Reach Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is a border town connecting Assam and is the gateway to Tawang and Bomdila. It is the most touristy route and very well connected with Guwahati airport.

Where to stay in Bhalukpong

Being a business hub and entry point for Bomdila and Tawang, it have many hotels of various price category.

Best Season to Visit

Bhalukpong is on route to Tawang and people are travelling throuh out the year. Nyethrii-Dow is happening in the month of October every year.


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