Tamla-Du Festival


The Mishmis’ have been aborigine in high mountainous and foothill areas of Lohit and Anjaw districts. Places are known for cascading waterfalls with full of serenity and enchanting natural flora and fauna chirping sweaty winds, offers amazing vistas of lustrous greenery amidst majestic Mishmi hills, woody forests, the Dong first sun rise in the country and a beautiful panoramic view in the eastern most part of Himalayan states’ of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Tamla-Du is the socio-religious festival of the Kaman (Miju) and Tawran (Digaru) Mishmi celebrated in the month of February during the spring season in a common platform for promoting and encouraging among the Mishmis’ to bring unity and gaiety, preserving their age old culture and traditions and to disseminate the message of cultural dignity, and social harmony as among the mishmi brethren.

The rituals like Namsiang and Tamla-Taka or Tamla-Du is a form of natural deities and chanting practice by Mishmis since time immemorial.

Tamladu is a must experience festival and this festival spreads the message of unity and gaiety. Tanggong dance is performed throughout the festival which is a very popular rhythmic traditional dance.

Where to see Tamla-Du

Tamla-Du festival is celebrated across Lohit District. Mostly the main festival happens in Tezu town.

How to Reach Tezu

Tezu is a foot hill area on the bank of River and well connected with National Highways from Dibrugarh airport and Tinsukia rail head. Tezu also have an airport operating ATR flights.

Where to stay in Roing/Anini

There is no shortage of accommodation in Tezu and surrounding areas. Some very nice resorts, good hotels and perfectly organized home stays. Please be in touch with your tour guides about stays.

Best Season to Visit

Tamla-Du is celebrated on 15th February every year and is the best time to see festivity and its a good time for sight seeing also.


Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh, India