Moh-Mol Festival


Moh-Mol is one of the most important festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a prominent pre-harvest festival celebrated by the Tangsa community of Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh. Moh-Mol marks the ending of the sowing season and the end of toil and labour in the fields. It signifies the beginning of a new year, a time for merriment, and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Prayers are offered to bring in a prosperous harvest season, and for wealth and longevity of the community. It is also a time to remember the departed souls and pray for them. People wearing the colorful and culturally flamboyant traditional dresses sing and perform folk dances during this festival. The Bong, a traditional musical instrument is played during the celebrations and it is an amazing experience as the sound reverberates through the mystic setting of the Tangsa villages. The indigenous Sapolo folk dance which is the most popular folk dance form of the Tangsa community forms the main highlight of the Moh-Mol festival

Where to see Moh-Mol

Moh-Mol is celebrated in entire Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. The Changlang town is the head quarter of Changlang District and is thickly populated with Tangsa people. So, one can witness the best of drumming, dancing and merry making during Moh-Mol season. Apart from Changlang town, Jairampur, Miao and Kharsang also celebrate Mol festival in befitting manner.

How to Reach Changlang/Jairampur

Changlang and Jairampur are very well connected with Tinsukia, Dibrugarh rail and air heads via Margherita in Assam. Many buses, taxis and Sumo services are available throughout the year.

Where to stay in Changlang/Jairampur

Changlang does not have much tourists friendly accommodations apart from Government Circuit House and IB. Some basic hotels are also there. Few home stays are coming up in recent time. Its best to get in touch with local people and local tour operator. Jairampur also dont have any good hotel but a Tourst lodge, Government circuit house and few home stays in Nampong and Manmao.

Best Season to Visit

Moh-Mol is celebrated on 25th April officially but many villages have their own Mol celebration continuing a month or so. Poeple can visit during festival time to witness best of culture and tribal hospitality.


Jairampur, Arunachal Pradesh, India